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The SPRING Family Business Succession Handbook has been developed to assist you, the Owner / Manager, to design and implement your specific family business succession route map that is right for your business. The handbook has been developed as a comprehensive, “one stop shop” approach to Succession Planning within Family Business.

The purpose of the handbook is to first identify and then address each of the succession challenges. The handbook goes hand in hand with the self-assessment tool for succession, which allows you to assess where you stand now with regards to succession so you can then set priorities and take actions for effective succession planning. 


Download the Family Business Succession Handbook.

You are invited to complete the self-assessment tool that accompanies the handbook as objectively and self-critically as possible. Each section of the self-assessment tool matches a chapter in this handbook, so you can then look at each chapter to find out more about challenges that need to be resolved, tools available and transition ladders to help you create a Succession Action Plan for your family business.

You can complete the self-assessment tool by it our mobile app in either Android phones or Apple (i-phones) by typing: SPRING Succession Planning


Alternatively click here for the App store and here for the Play Store.

Also, you can access our self-assessment through the internet, if you do not want to download the mobile app.

The English version is available here:
The German version is available here: 
You can find below the links to our SPRING self-assessment matrix to help you interpret your results:
•    SPRING self-assessment matrix (English)
•    SPRING self-assessment matrix (German)


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